Women's Rights Alliance of New York State


An Action Plan for Women’s Rights Education across New York State

Mission: New York State is the birthplace of the Women’s Suffrage Movement in the United States and has remained in the forefront of women’s rights ever since. The Women’s Rights Alliance of New York State continues that legacy by bringing together historical sites, organizations and people, for the purpose of promoting the history of women’s rights in New York State, how that history has impacted women’s rights throughout the United States and how it sets the stage for continuing the unfinished work of women’s rights.

Vision: The Women’s Rights Alliance of New York will work to unify events, historic sites, organizations and other interested people by organizing conferences on women’s rights, supporting the creation of a comprehensive Women’s History Trail in New York State, encouraging cross promotion and joint marketing, and developing travel itineraries for people interested in the heritage of Women’s Rights and Equal Rights in New York State.

Goals: There are three specific goals for this plan:
1. Create an email communication vehicle that provides women’s rights updates for anyone wishing to participate

2. Produce an updated online statewide women’s history trail that provides at least three sectors:

  • Women’s historical building/attraction no longer standing
  • Women’s historical building/attraction still standing but being used for an alternative reason
  • Women’s historical attraction still in use today
3. Develop and operate a New York State women’s rights conference in Albany, NY in October, 2020.

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