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Why Join the Alliance?

The Alliance is a 501c3 nonprofit organization formed to provide information, education and cooperation to those in the women’s suffrage and rights arena in New York State.

What is the Alliance?

The Alliance is a membership organization (see below) whose dues  promote and guide others in women’s rights activities including workshops, planning sessions, monthly conference calls and an annual conference.  All these activities are open to the general public but Alliance members receive substantial savings for each program for which there is a charge.

Dues Table
Individuals ... $30
Seniors ... $20
Operating budget under $25k ... $50
Operating budget $25k to $100k ... $75
Operating budget over $100k ... $100

How do I join?
We have made it easy to become a member of the Alliance.  Just fill out the form below and then either send it in with your check to:

474 Snell Road
Geneva, NY 14456

Fill out the form below, follow the prompts and pay via PayPal or credit card.

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