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Dear Alliance Members and Friends,
Two thousand nineteen was a most interesting, frustrating, intriguing, and rewarding year for the coordinators of the Women's Rights Alliance of New York State Inc. A group from a former women's rights committee came together in January and from those conversations began the Alliance. Here's a brief list of accomplishments this past year.

Completed programs during 2019:

April - We began the non-profit process in January and were rewarded in April when the Internal Revenue Service approved our 501c3 non-profit application.

June - Over 50 non-profit organizations and businesses met at the Gage Center Museum in Fayetteville for discussions on what needed to be done to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment passage that provided women the right to vote in the United State.

July - Began a series of bi-monthly conference calls to discuss projects, programs and progress for women's rights in New York State.

November - The Gage Center meeting and the conference call recommendations resulted in the November "Women's Rights and Justice in New York State, Past and Present" two-day Syracuse area conference featuring 17 presentations by 45 presenters. We are so very grateful to so many presenters that came from across New York State and for the nearly one hundred attendees who spent the entire two days finding out what's about to happen in preparation for the 2020 celebration.

What's planned for 2020?

With 2019 experiences behind us we're ready to help move women's rights issues forward. There will be an email newsletter every other month as well as bi-monthly conference calls. A public calendar has been created on our website (WRANYS.org) and everyone is eligible to place events and programs on it. By doing so, there will be one consistent place for individuals and groups alike to determine where and when women's rights activities will be taking place. Our biggest project will be the 2020 October conference to be held in Albany. The Alliance is concerned that after the excitement of the anniversary is over, women's rights issues will be forgotten, so the October conference will center on "Now What? - committing to women's issues in 2021 and beyond."

Membership: No organization or business can operate successfully without financial support, so please assist us in these very important projects by becoming members of the Alliance. Just go to our website "www.wranys.org," follow the prompts, fill out the short form and become a member. Our rate structure is low, and the rewards are high.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2020 and hope each of you will be able to play a part.

Warm regards,

The Alliance Executive Committee
Sally Roesch Wagner, Executive Director Matilda Joslyn Gage Center
Dot Willsey, Executive Director Gerritt Smith Estate & Abolitionist Hall of Fame
Judy Wellman, Principal Investigator, Historical NY Research Associates
Kim Harvish, Technology Specialist Women's Rights Alliance New York State
Katie Macintyre, Senior Marketing Analyst National Grid
Spike Herzig, President The Herzig Group Inc.

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